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  • Multifunctional bratt

    Multifunctional bratt

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    Constructive features:

    This multifunctional bratt pan is constructed with a compound bottom 15 mm thick.

    The internal walls of the tank are made of AISI 316L to resist corrosion over time caused by salt used in cooking.

    The internal corners of the tank are rounded R=12,5 mm to facilitate cleaning.


    M.B.S.® – Multy Block System

    This combined system of heating elements and aluminium plates ensures maximum temperature homogeneity of cooking surfaces, optimizing the performances with any workload due to its great thermal inertia.

    Command interface:

    The 4.3″ touch screen available on each multifunctional bratt pan easily allows to read all required information, and set and adjust all parameters, if necessary. The touchscreen displays all data relevant to power consumption, daily and historical operating times.