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    Constructive features:

    Electromagnetic induction element, power 3,5 – 5,0 – 8,0 kW.

    Rounded Ø 270 mm or rectangular 290×150 mm coils with pot recognition sensors.

    Semispherical coil Ø 270 mm WOK pot recognition sensors.

    High-frequency generator placed in appropriate cabinet to facilitate cooling and preserve the duration and performances over time.

    Silk screen printed ceramic glass placed at the same level of the worktop. Sealed with PACTAN type silicone that prevents liquids infiltration under the worktop.

    The 7-segments display on the glass to easily and quickly control the power supplied by the generator.

    Functions and safety devices:

    12 available power levels.

    Special dedicated sensors detect any possible pot deformations caused by water absence and stop heating.

    The temperature of the generator board and of the coils is continuously monitored in order to avoid heat peaks that could damage them.