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    Fryes FEHDA

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    High performance fryers range  with a single or multi tank configuration with different combinations.

    Work top stainless steel AISI 304, Scotch-Brite finish, thickness 15 / 10mm, printed deep drawn wells, for the oil of expanding foams. With upstand in the back part in order to limiting oil splashes toward the wall, the upstand is rounded on the base. With antidrip front profile.

    Fryer tank 18 & 9 Liters Version realized in stainless steel AISI304 2B finishing thikness of 2mm.

    The tanks are not deep drawn but are constructed by bending and welding, so to maintain a constant thickness in every point of the tank and to guarantee sturdiness and reliability.

    All the edges inside the tank are rounded R12,5mm, in order to facilitate the cleaning operations.

    The bottom is inclined towards the center and towards the outlet in order  to allow a total emptying oil and fry residues. The shape has been designed in order to maximize the oil yield, allowing you to reduce operating costs and also safeguarding the environment.

    The front inclined slide allows you to drip off the basket without spilling oil onto the worktop. It also functions as overflow basin for oil during immersion of frozen foods that release a lot of water.


    The discharge mounting a valve 1 “driven by a servomotor, which allows a rapid emptying of the tank. The whole is controlled by the special functions present in the control touch.


    The armored stainless steel heating elements are inside the tank designed to swivel over 90° to allow the operator to easily clean the tank bottom. The specific power is 4,5 w/cm², among the lowest in the market. The fryer is equipped with an internal working thermostat in the tank and a double safety thermostat, one inside and one outside the tank calibrated at 230 ° C.

    Safety microswitch to prevent uncontrolled start when the heating element is not in place.

    The oil drip tray is equipped with modern oil filtering systems which retain the cooking residues, guaranteeing a longer oil life itself. Filters are removable for easy cleaning.  Removable drip tray  installed on a trolley to allows the operator to pull out the tray during cleaning operations without having to lift any weight.



    The filtering system in these models, happened as well at the end of service as even during the use of the appliance. It is possible to customize the frequency or prevent that the filtering takes place for certain recipes. The temperature limit for filtering the oil is 180 ° C. The oil reloading in the tank takes place automatically by means of suitable solenoid valves.



    DMC® – Dinamyc Melting Control

    Thanks to the DMC, the machine automatically detects the type of oil or fat used and operates in real-time calibration of the heating cycle. This allows us to prevent the oil or the fat burning in contact with the heating element and consequently to lengthen its service life, reducing considerably the operating costs.

    D.E.SA.® – Dynamic Energy Saving

    With this system the machine only consumes what is actually necessary, leaving the rest of the energy available in the system to the machines that need them most.

    Command interface:

    The 7” touch screen available on each fryer easily allows to read all required information, and set and adjust all parameters, if necessary. From the touch screen it is possible also to carry out the oil drainage into the appropriate collection container without operating levers or difficult mechanisms. The touch screen contains some pre-programmed recipes that can be easily personalized. The touch screen displays all data relevant to power consumption, daily and historical operating times.