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    Constructive features:

    Tanks with capacity of 9 or 18 litres constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel with 2B finish 2 mm thick.

    The tanks are not deep drawn but are constructed by bending and welding, so to maintain a constant thickness in every point of the tank and to guarantee sturdiness and reliability.

    All internal corners of the tank are rounded R=12,5 mm to facilitate cleaning.

    The bottom is sloping towards the centre and the drainage so to allow a complete emptying of the oil and frying rests.

    The armored stainless steel heating elements are inside the tank designed to swivel over 90° to allow the operator to easily clean the tank bottom. The specific power is 4,5 w/cm², among the lowest in the market.

    The fryer is provided with an outer rim that, while cleaning the worktop, prevents water and detergents contaminating the oil.

    Command interface:

    The 4.3″ touch screen available on each fryer easily allows to read all required information, and set and adjust all parameters, if necessary. From the touch screen it is possible also to carry out the oil drainage into the appropriate collection container without operating levers or difficult mechanisms. The touch screen contains some pre-programmed recipes that can be easily personalized. The touch screen displays all data relevant to power consumption, daily and historical operating times.