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    Fry Top

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    Constructive features:

    Smooth, hard chromed, ribbed or mixed griddle plates, constructed of Fe430D or AISI 316 thickness 15 mm. Rounded outer edges.

    The plate is placed at the same level of the worktop in its most protruding point, and is sloping towards the frontal edge to facilitate cooking fats drainage and keep the cooking surface clean.

    There is a perimeter channel of stainless steel AISI 304 provided with a wide drain hole and sloping towards it to better lead all cooking rests and to facilitate cleaning.

    Heating is performed through armored heating elements, transmitting the heat to the aluminium plates fixed to the cooking plate. Maximum attainable temperature 300°C.

    M.B.S.® – Multy Block System

    This combined system of heating elements and aluminium plates ensures maximum temperature homogeneity of cooking surfaces, optimizing the performances with any workload due to its great thermal inertia.

    Command interface:

    The 4.3″ touch screen available on each griddle plate easily allows to read all required information, and set and adjust all parameters, if necessary. From the touch screen it is possible also to set the manual or automatic water supply. The touch screen displays all data relevant to power consumption, work processes, daily and historical operating times.