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  • Dynamic Energy Saving

    The control system D.E.SA. (Dynamic Energy Saving) increases productivity and reduces energy consumption using the best industrial controls applied to all kitchen appliances.
    The equipment we produce is provided with an integrated energy management system which controls the actual energy requirements of all appliances managing them individually according to real demand.
    Energy consumption is therefore based on the real needs of the equipment related to the daily work in the restaurant.
    D.E.SA. ensures that the whole set of equipment does not exceed the energy value for which it has been programmed, avoiding power consumption peaks and consequent extra energy costs.
    Consequently, we are able to set the maximum energy consumption of the kitchen equipment, adapting it to the real features of the power line. Even in places with limited available energy, D.E.SA. solves any connection problems while allowing other machines to work properly.
    D.E.SA. manages every single appliance and also in case of malfunction of one device it ensures the operation of all the other machines.
    The control software systematically checks the correct operation of each appliance reporting any malfunction through a graphical interface.

    This facilitates troubleshooting by reducing service waiting times.
    Through an application you can remotely manage all machine functions and settings by customizing operation and storage temperatures (HACCP), and verifying faults, activities, work times and much more.
    The installation compartment containing all electrical connections and protection devices is integrated in the machine, thus eliminating the usual electrical panel dedicated to the kitchen equipment and reducing the high installation and wiring costs.
    This ensures a fast and total control of all connected devices, including any external optional connection: power control of dishwashers, glassware washers, extraction systems, etc.
    In practice, the electrical connection is reduced to a three-phase power supply, an Internet network, and any required optional components.